Rope Access Engineering Solutions

Mistras Group – A full operating and training member company of IRATA (the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association)

As well as being a global provider of complete assets protection services, we are also a global training company offering IRATA and SPRAT industrial rope access courses.

Having spent years completing rope access projects for clients, we are more aware than most of the environment our trainees are heading into. All of our rope access instructors have spent many years working within the industry both onshore and offshore.

Our qualified IRATA Instructors have experience working all over the world on:

  • Bridges
  • Oil Rigs
  • Refineries
  • Wind Turbines
  • Heavy Industry Sites
  • High rise structures

We aim to offer the highest quality training to assist in your pursuit of a career within our industry. In addition to our UK training centre, we also have centres across the USA under the Ropeworks banner

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